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>>the good morning it is friday and here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is wet and you can see that it is picking up. speaking of bridges i just spoke with george and there is an accident on the
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bay bridge. we will get this in a second. >>you see snow in the lower right corner and let's get to this forecast. >>we are seeing the rain fall. storm trecker 4 is showing that san francisco and portions of the peninsula are now starting to see right. this is one of our rear systems that is approaching from the south and will push its way north. we're not seeing much on highway 11.101. do want to zoom in here and you should check out san francisco. the entire city is covered with light rain. even through the upper trail hill. as we check out 19 ave cesar all areas with what weather. you should allow your server extra time and it is impacting most of the
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peninsula. the bay shore for freeway at interstate 280 is stretching through palo alto. the dumbarton bridges see light rain and this is across the entire span. it is creeping into the east bay. alameda and san leandro are also seeing rain. it is scattered at best and we're not seeing too much in the south bay. it's it will grow in intensity as we head into the next couple of hours. into the afternoon we should expect heavy rain. you will need your umbrella. >>we will have grown in intensity as we go to the evening. it was also rain in overnight and stretching into tomorrow. i will have a full and detailed coming up. >>this cannot be a worst commute for in a state 80.
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there is an accident on the upper deck westbound. we believe that there may be too launcelot and several vehicles involved. you can say is already jammed up the traffic and it is backed up from the island all the way through to the metering lights. there is not a lot of movement here. it has not backed up the car pool lanes but that could happen if this crash is not get cleared. caltran stated that they're told trucks were dispatched but they are now stuck with the rest of the traffic. there are no shoulders on the bay bridge. this was an incident that occurred earlier upholstery and the rhineland was
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blocked by a big semi truck. he had dropped his shaft and several cars struck it due to flat tires. there's big delays for both for ways. >>let's talk more about a daly city. this is a big concern for people there. this hillside nearly washed away when we have this water main ruptured. let's go to kron4 as will tran. >>light rainfall this coming and it is pretty steady. it will pick up as the morning progresses. it is not too bad and that is why the hillside is safe. over the past couple of days city crews laid down haight and other observing material. they dug out channels and lanes so that rain water can flow directly into the storm drain. they went through here a few days ago with
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cameras just to see that the storm drains were cleared. we were here a few days ago and the ground was a little bit lower but they cleared all the mud out and now it seems that it is higher. they put so much hay and straw and a net just to catch any possible or erosion. we saw a few days ago that not only was the mud here but the mud flow onto the street and locked cars in place. some of them had to be towed away because they could not drive the because of all the mother was in their wheels. to prevent this from happening again that brought the head as barrier. they stated that they will monitor the area just to make sure that if they have to jump into action this is what they would do. this is just a
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band-aid approach. they stated that will come back after this first rain fog. they want to make sure that the homeowners are saved and that even during the mudslide it went around homes and now with some homeowners getting up when will talk with them to see if they feel better. >>general david petrie yes was the director of the cia and last week this scandal on rebels. today he is scheduled to face a grilling on a controversial work topic. if this happened under his watch. they stated that this is due to the september 11th attack. he will testify first to the senate's intelligence committee. he will testify and he almost immediately
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knew that the attack on the consulate in libya was the work of malicious. both of the sections are closed doors. the >>president obama will start discussions on the fiscal cliff. they will huddle with the president to see whether or not they can make some progress towards a deal on taxes and spending. >>note more hostess. hostess is going out of business. they are closing their stores and laying off all of their workers. they stated that a nationwide workers' strike ended up crippling their ability to make product and deliver them. the warm their employees if they did not stop then this would happen. hostess is
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born out of business. >>is six 07 a.m.. here is a quick check at the weather around the bay. there is rain over sam francisco and we do have heavier rain headed our way.
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>>we are checking wall
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street and keeping an eye on it. wall street trading is going to start 15 minutes from now. futures have been lower all morning long. we are a little bit werworried because the president and congressord yes. the fiscal cliff impact will not be needed tbe immediat. they will be going over all of this and they will factor in to your to debt problems. all of this is weighing down on wall street. dale is announcing that their earnings fail 47%. >>the federal housing administration is saying that there's savings account is tapped out. they said is that they have exhausted
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their reserves to back up home mortgages that are out there. this mayes said that f h a will have a dead issue some other kiowas. the deficit had a text rebel may not be needed. >>google held talks with the dish network in recent weeks. this was due to discussions about that session there is nothing- special this network has also been talking to other potential buyers about wireless service. >>a battle about mobile maps. go stated that they have started issuing a test a version where this map work on apple's iphone is.
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this act is accepted into the itos store then it will directly compete with apple's new mapping software. >>a quick break here is 6:12 a.m.. here is a live look outside. >>the golden gate bridge is went and the others will follow soon. jack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item.
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>>we are tracking a major hotspot this morning. the bay bridge has a bed back up. we had two separate incidents here for the west bound direction the first room was a multi vehicle accident but this has been cleared. now there is in new accident just past the metering lights. we are jammed up solidly. there is no traffic moving to speak up. this backed up already reaches to the macarthur mayes. the 880 ride. we are looking at 18 to 20 minute drive times even for interstate 80. this is a big big mess for the west brown area.
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westbound area. >>a semi truck lost his items and it landed on their area were car skidded and received flat tires. we do have a big shot was short to you later. you will see that the ride here westbound is jammed up as you try to come down the shore freeway. let's get back to the rest of the bridges around the bay area. here is the san mateo bridge ride. >>rand is on the golden gate bridge for a soft bond ride. there is big delays for the shore freeway here is your golden gate bridge ride at 101 south bond.
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>southbound. >>this is a little warm out here but this is people snow boarding. they're stating that is a great and that it is enough snow. they stated that they have been enjoined the runs and they have a lot list (it they're hoping to open a more this weekend and if you ask of them they stated that we will take whatever we can get. >>i like coming up here and then i can go back to work tomorrow. this is a little guy and his pretty advanced for a sage. >>how much snow can we expect in the tahoe area? >>not a lot. maybe a inch by sunday. but because it is a
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warmer system will not see any snow fall. we cannot expect any higher elevations. i will keep everything handy just in case you're headed in that direction. storm trecker 4 is focusing their attention on the bay area. the wet weather was off shore this morning but it is now to the coast. as we zoom in here san francisco is affected. currently it is raining on market street and all of the approach is headed to the bay bridge. as we take it over to the peninsula it is wet. a lot of this moisture is pushing his way east. it was just on the western half. you concede that it is crossing into hayward and union city. as we focus more on the east we see a lot of rain to talk
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about. it is bring which does mean that it is relatively light in nature. you still need to use your windshield wipers. it will continue to grow into intensity and will be more widespread. in terms of your afternoon highs. everyone will be in the '60s. >>it will be 64 for cupertino, 63-fresh it will be mostly cloudy on and off for most of that. walnut creek is set 63, 64 union city. 61 for downtown san francisco and 64 expected for berkeley. the moisture is coming in from the pacific is already impacting the bay area. we could catch a break by saturday afternoon. there will be a stronger cold front coming
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in from of boff puff new mexico. we will have a anothethe gulf of new mexico. your kron 47 day around the bay forecast shows that at least on this model by 3:00 p.m. friday if there will not be much in the way of snowfall for the sierra. we will not see too much rain or mist snow out of the system but by sunday as we take a back to the bay area where weather will be each and every day. this also includes thanksgiving thursday. >>today is the busiest single travel day of the thanksgiving holiday. families are leaving now to visit their loved ones. to give you more newels let's go live.
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>>there is loss of traffic that is coming through. this is the holiday travel season and it kicks off today. here is video from inside the terminal. there are a lot of people looking to get out of the bay area. the bay area sbecause of an increase in the number of travelers this year airport officials project that it will be the busiest year ever for the airports. so far so good everything seems to be running smoothly. >>it is still early and we were able to get a line. so far it is not to bed. >>if you're looking to get out of the bay area and have a trip planned before the end of the year. here's the trick for you. the parking is limited so you should
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take public transit or have someone drop you off. do not rent any of your guess if you are taking gifts with you.wrap gifts if you are taking them with you. that will have done wrap them if you do so. you can see that a lot of people are starting to filter into the airport as the morning progresses. another tip is that you should check the expiration date on your passport. i spoke to one family 50 minutes ago and you are supposed tthey were supposed to board a flight in their child's passport was expired. they are now been delayed here due to that period's >that.
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>>make sure that you have a full tank of gas before you head out otherwise you will have yourself stranded. >>gas prices have been dropping. right now we have san francisco at $3.92 oakland is at $3.80 and san jose is at $3.76. they're both under the state average and that era is at $3.81. >>state lawmakers are trying to get the reason for the cause of the gas price hikes. they stated that they do not know of the was--they held an informational hearing last night to get to the bottom of the issue with
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gas. >>we had a conference and there was concerns about supply. this is not a violation of antitrust law to unilaterally decide--you did not need to drive up prices. if you are polluting the that is illegal. i think we can investigate to our heart's content and we will find out they're polluting. >>one testified that more light these to be shed on them before this could be ruled out. >>the time now is 6:25 a.m. and we will be back with more.
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>> of we are backed up and macarthur maze for over 30 minute three separate incidents at the bridge, three separate accidents
6:29 am
the slow traffic and a westbound direction is because of the bay bridge backup. we will have more when the kron4 news continues.
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featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler. >> we wanted a look at this rain erica. >> you can see it inching closer and closer inland. it looks like everyone is contending with wet weather to some degree. zoe and to san francisco under the radar of the green indicates relatively light rain. for you will need to use your windshield wipers and there are reports of puddles on the roadway as well. as we check out street view for those of the on 19th avenue expect wet weather. this
6:32 am
will lead to backups and delays. but a wider look shows the san mateo bridge down this up dunbarton you can see some light rain sneaking in for the san ramon valley. this will continue to track its way north and attacking the nation and on its way to learn the team as an concord. this is just the start of it. we anticipate for wet weather pretty much every day to some degree. on of showers will continue. in the south bay highway one- on-one approach the mountain view is that experiencing a light rain. it is currently clear first downtown san jose. we're seeing delays on a riding in departing flights at ask-0. --sfo
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>> what a rough morning at the bay bridge. this is one of the worst backups this early that i remember seeing. we have had three accidents this morning already they are clear but we are backed up through the macarthur maze. it is backed up on the east shore as well as the 880 northbound. that approach is over 30 minutes to get to the upper deck. traffic and emeryville on interstate 80 in the westbound direction it the east shore freeway ride is backed up all the way to golden gate fields. the traffic backed up on the 58224. 24 is backed up to children's hospital. a new hot spot on 580 westbound and accident at the dublin interchange blocks the right hand lane and it has backed up the ride here from dublin raleigh back to first and livermore. as slow westbound
6:34 am
580 ride. >> daly city we've been following developments there. a water tank broke earlier this week sending a river of mud through the neighborhood. officials have been trying to get a hand on that before this weekend's rains come in. will tran is on the scene. >> they put measures up to prevent erosion from taken place. we will have to wait and see it as to whether not that will be enough. there is hay on the ground to prevent the mudslides from going on to the street. i could not even walk through there a couple of days ago without stumbling. it was so sick at your feet got stuck. they ask evaded most of the mud out and cleared out the storm drains. they
6:35 am
put absorbing material including that's out there just in case any rocks or anything comes down. we got a chance to talk to, i just happen the swap by here and see this man. what can you evaluate as the scene? >> i been a resident here for about 10 years and obviously i have friends that live on that hill and we were tracker treating here just a couple of weeks ago in this neighborhood. >> what do you think you saw the hay and the excavator and the hillside? it is a little dark by the light over there do you feel comfortable at this point? >> i am here because i'm just waiting to see. i am impressed with the response time. i live about a block up the hell i'm a little concern for the residents
6:36 am
here. this is part curiosity, park peace of mind. i disney this to a type of work they're doing. >> and on top of that this is just a band-aid. will you be making sure they do it right? >> i talked to a council person who was here the day allowance. she told me the story from her standpoint and where the pipe broke. based on the information and for much what i've been watching them do it's just curiosity in part concerned. >> there you have it is a curiosity and concern. there's an excavator there down the road just to make sure that if something happens they call the worker to get out there have been the excavator and get to work. if they had to bring
6:37 am
it out on a flatbed truck it would take a little more time. this judgment is happened to walk up to my live shot so i grabbed him. serious and concerned it is going to be a long week for them. >> one of the big visuals we saw the day the mud came down was all the cars that were parallel park that were swamped and inundated with mud. for people skittish about parking out there this weekend? the they pull their cars in the driveway or leave them on the street? >> this is the exact same place that we saw the car is there were just buried in mud. some cards you could not even see their wheels. they are part by the side. i'm sure they have their keys in their hands just in case so if they need to they can get those out of here. even see how what the ground is right now. it would just be a monetary situation. the city will be helping them out and keeping a close eye
6:38 am
on that this weekend. >> the san francisco forty- niners expect their head coach to return to this team's facility again today. he was sent to stanford hospital yesterday. he had a minor procedure for in the regular heartbeat. a spokesperson for the team said he began feeling uncomfortable. that happened wednesday night and he went to the hospital have the procedure and in yesterday's half with their practice he showed up. probably to tell everyone he is ok. we expect to see him out there today. >> is 6:38 a.m. and watching the weather clouds over sam francisco and drizzle as well. the rain will intensify as we go through the morning. we will be right back.
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>> fighting between the palestinians and that israelis are escalating. dozens of missiles exploded in gaza city overnight. hitting the interior ministry and targeting hundred and 50 other sites. israel says the dow as a gunman used to fire rockets at israel. this is the second straight day that as a militant have targeted tel aviv. the attacks which israel considered considers to be a major escalations cut draw an israeli ground invasion of as a closer. >> for another piece recession has the united states how well lard largest maze bakes be able to handle it? -- thankbanks and the fed's a worst-case
6:43 am
hypothetical the damage extends internationally. a global recession like we saw the last time around. the and not and will test make sure the banks are property can't properly capitalized. our nation's banks should be able to handle a deep recession. we will see if that is still the case after state tests. at 6:42 a.m. we will take a quick break. we will come back and checked the weather with erica. it may be wet on the rose but it may get a little better. more details straight ahead.
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>> the time is 6:46 a.m. we are tracking major delays here of the bay bridge this morning westbound. drive times are over 35 minutes even coming from the east shore freeway. the nimitz freeway is back all the way up to the '80s brett splits
6:47 am
in the macarthur maze is backed all we up to 24. there were three accidents on the bay bridge in the early morning hours. last of which is cleared but look at how slowly the meeting during metering lights are recycling. we had minimal problems on the east shore freeway interstate 8 th80. we started with jackie sissel and emeryville looking at an incident that involved a flat tires and debris in the lanes. has that cleared up and now we're looking at slow traffic? >> that cleared up about 2530 minutes ago now we're just talking about the bay bridge back up. i a train and you conceive the backup on 80 slowly creeping. you concede that have lights are just this see of headlights right now
6:48 am
backed up all the way past university. probably even beyond that. this is not friday night. >> in this case you're absolutely right this reaches beyond golden gate fields. it is backed up nearly to highway 4 with mostly slow and low would stop and go. as you head out of richmond has buchanan in central. another hot spot at the dublin interchange westbound 580. said the 680 split. there was an accident or stall the block the break right hand lane. look of the stretch of traffic coming out of the onslaught through livermore. looking at other bridges the san mateo bridge ride at 92 of its starting to slow here. to the bay bridge this morning. 15 to
6:49 am
18 minutes drive times. possibly longer. in calling gate bridge shows what traffic and the southbound direction. for more on the wet weather, here is erica. >> it looks like it is here to stay especially until friday. storm tracker 4 shows the wet weather is not reaching the coast line. not only the peninsula but parts of the north bay and south bay are picking up light rain in the east bay as well. sampras has goes all under the agreement indicating light rain. for the downtown area as well. pretty much all surface streets are affected. for those of you using 19th avenue through the sunset. as we take a look there may be a break in palo alto. this system is pushing its way from south to north and
6:50 am
it looks like we did pick up some rain in the east bay. it looks like it's over walnut creek right now and still dry for martinez in concord. allow yourself extra time for interstate 680. and the east bay the nimitz freeway ride you could see lightning on your screen not only threw open but approaching san leandro is well. i hesitated down to the south bay's check out the yellow on your screen. this is sitting over interstate 280 from cupertino over to san jose. we're seeing rain intensified in the south bay right now. however is currently dry for highway 1 01 and those of you had to mountain view this morning. 2:00 p.m. shows that it is still raining in the south bay and sours at at the golden gate bridge. this all intensify by 5:00 p.m. tonight. keep this in mind for evening commute, drive with extra caution. we will see this in particular
6:51 am
system continue to pass as as we wake up tomorrow morning. clear conditions by saturday midday however we are tracking another system that will approach from the north saturday night stretching into sunday. afternoon highs everyone in the same boat downtown san francisco 61 fairfield 63 antioch as well. the start coast line is going to drop from the gulf of alaska. wet weather as we start the next work week so keep an umbrella handy. that includes at thursday's thanksgiving pretty much every day. >> modesto california is less no. 7 on the list for affordable homes. markets around the country the top four that offer the most affordable lost the i'd been
6:52 am
utah followed by young's in ohio and indianapolis and in lakeland florida and then number seven there we are a number seven modesto california. >> major-league baseball handed out its awards yesterday and buster posey has grab the ndp for the nationally. he returned from a pretty devastating leg injury last year. he is the giants first mvp since barry bonds won it back in 2004. >> i think it is an accomplishment to share with the whole giants organization. the start of the top with great ownership front office when the great guys on the field. and it will have pop past and our fans are. i'm very fortunate to play for them and i could not be more honor than to have that my name alongside previous winners.
6:53 am
>> buster posey receives 27 of 32 votes. last year's winner brian brown of milwaukee came in second. >> we will talk with gary radnich and the ldp's and a little bit. we'll be back in a couple of minutes but first we have to give you details about the rain. traffic is early on the golden gate bridge and so people may be getting the job. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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major hot sun and a state 80, we have had three accidents in the early morning hours that we are still recovering from. metering lights shows traffic is yet to start moving and its normal rate but it is picking up ferry off the backup reaches all
6:57 am
the way into and through the macarthur maze. drive times are up to 38 minutes coming from highway 24. the easter freeway drive time is 38 minutes just to get to university. add to that another 33 minutes to get into downtown san francisco over one hour drive times this morning. >> yankees' george. is getting to a lot more like christmas in downtown san francisco. they open the ice rink at union square and now they're teaming up with macy's to fix their windows at 5:00 and the corner of stockton in farrell street. the adoptable bets are showcased their and macy's windows in union square. the themes this year are iconic san francisco neighborhoods. the windows will be decorated in that theme. the windows will be open until january 1st and mayor willie brown will be in attendance today. last year the event was pretty popular and they
6:58 am
had more than 325 animals adopted and $85,000 rated for the spca. ski season is already in full swing in the sierra >> and there and be even more snow dumped on the area. how's this is going out of business. oh dear where you going to get your twinkies and ding-dongs? we will take a look at what this means for snack lovers. basketball and the maze in play in baseball and the peace and football hall as harbaugh? we will talk to gary when we come back.
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